Hydronic Heating is the recommended heating solution for those with allergies or sensitivities to air movement or disturbed by the sound pitch which can come from air vents. Unlike many forms of heating systems which blow warmed air around the room, Hydronic Heating provides a steady level of continuous heat which emanates from an in-room unit or panel.

As the Hydronic Heating unit does not rely on blowing air around the room, it significantly reduces the impact to allergy sufferers by avoiding the unnecessary disturbance of dust and other airborne particles such as pollen. Dust and other airborne particles can cause significant distress to allergy sufferers by causing irritation to their airways. 

For those sensitive to noise, the Hydronic Heating units are whisper quiet, relying on the flow of heated water from a separate – out of room – boiler or heating unit. The Hydronic Heating unit is a closed loop system, so there is no odour and the water is continually looped back through the circuit for optimal recycling and efficiency.

Other health and safety features of Hydronic Heating include the absence of any naked flame or super-heated surface.

The absence of a naked frame in the room environment avoids the potential for burns or the accidental ignition of furnishings. Due to the construction of the Hydronic units, the heating panels are thermostatically controlled to provide the desired level of comfort. This means that the heating panels can get warm to touch, but when the thermostat is set at normal operating temperatures, the panels do not get hot enough to cause a serious burn.

The last health benefit of Hydronic Heating is that the in-room units do not emit any form of potentially harmful gas. As a closed unit system filled with warmed water, the Hydronic Heating panels permit peace of mind to sleep in the room with.

Whilst Hydronic Heating systems are less common in Australia, they are considered to be the predominant heating technology in use worldwide. This means that the technology used in them has been well refined and fully tested in some of the world’s most difficult climate conditions.

So for those with health-conscious heating at the top of their mind, Hydronic Heating is the best alternative. It’s quiet, clean and efficient, whilst at the same time avoiding the disturbance and circulation of airborne particles.

To understanding how Hydronic Heating could form part of a healthy heating plan for your home, contact Jim’s Heating & Cooling today for further information. We have been installing Hydronic Heating in Melbourne and the Snow Fields for more than 30 years, so we can quickly guide you to the right system for your needs.