Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is an essential product for any Australian business provider. It protects you and your business from any claim brought by a third party against you in relation to property damage or personal injury inflicted as a result of your actions.

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Whether you are a single owner or a large business entity, protection from loss or liability in the course of conducting any business operations, is vital. If you are a single owner operating a very small business, you may consider not taking out any insurance to protect you from any losses incurred.

Jim’s Public Liability Insurance

This would not be a very healthy path to follow considering the uncertain market conditions prevailing at present. It would be advisable to educate oneself of all factors personal, social, environmental, & legal prior to embarking on such a course of action.

Part of your business

Bearing losses is only one part of the equation, even a very small business is conducted with interaction with the public hence you could be called upon by legislation to protect the public in the course of conducting such business. This is called Public Liability Insurance which will not only protect you it will protect your customers & the general public who may not be part of your business activities.

Financial & legal protection

Public liability Insurance is the answer, & is widely considered as a protective tool to provide you with the necessary financial & legal protection, to face any obligations during the course of your business activities. Operating a business makes you vulnerable to many legal implications, as you are interacting with third parties on a daily basis.

Facing unprecedented litigation

In an unforeseen & unexpected situation you may be at risk of facing unprecedented litigation from such parties. Public Liability Insurance will protect you, the organisation & staff from any such untoward situations, & litigation.

Operations involving third parties

Whilst conducting business operations involving third parties, companies can face very awkward & unpleasant situations, where very loyal customers can turn against you at the drop of a pin if their interests are infringed upon. A Public Liability Insurance cover in hand will protect their interests as well as your’s, & compensate all concerned financially.

Integral part of the public

We should at all times remember that our customers are an integral part of the public, & they are protected by various legislations in place today. Legislations are also fine tuned on a very regular basis, when the relevant authorities are exposed to the happenings in the legal fraternity, where certain loopholes in the law are taken advantage of, by smart lawyers.

Insist that business houses

Government authorities insist that business houses are armed with a Public Liability Insurance cover, prior to issuing the required approvals to conduct such business. They would scrutinise the Public Liability Insurance cover that is submitted, & would provide the necessary approvals only after they are completely satisfied that you have covered all angles within the scope of your business activities.

Every type of business

The parameters required for a Public Liability Insurance cover are generally defined, for every type of business. Prior to starting any business it is advisable that you sit with a qualified & experienced insurance representative, & put down all possible eventualities, to the best of your knowledge. The representative’s knowledge & experience would be mutually beneficial, & would help to put down on paper all possible scenarios. All reputed Insurance companies offer this service & a quotation with no obligations generally.

Make with great care

Deciding which insurance company you would like to bring onboard will be a decision that you will have to make with great care & thought, because like you are legally bound they too would have to uphold their reputation.

All your legal obligations

It is imperative that your Public Liability Insurance cover satisfies all your legal obligations, if & when you are faced with an unforeseen calamity, during the course of your business activities.

Advise of legal obligations

Prior to taking out a Public Liability Insurance, to protect everyone under your umbrella of legal obligations, it would be advisable to be appraised of all your liabilities. A reputed Insurance company would have the necessary experience to advise you of such legal obligations on your part & provide you with the optimum cover possible. It is better to be safe than be sorry later, as you can be slapped with a very heavy price to pay, if things turn sour someday.

There are natural disasters occurring

Legislation can vary from state to state in Australia, & if you are conducting business in more than one particular state, it would be advisable to know your obligations to the public in the state you intend operating. Public Liability Insurance covers a very wide spectrum of unforeseen calamities, which can be natural disasters occurring in instances beyond your comprehension, but within your legal obligations.

Could be legally answerable

For example if a staff member or customer of a business organisation, is struck by lightning within your premises, you could be legally answerable, to compensate. This is no fault of your’s, but you would be liable because you are obliged to have the proper lightning conductors in place at your business premises to prevent such an eventuality.

The clauses to pay

If the Public Liability Insurance cover that you have in hand does not have the clauses to pay, the insurance company will not pay. On the other side of the coin, the insurance company will not include the clause to pay, in your cover if you do not have the appropriate & optimum protection at your premises against a possible lightning strike. The importance of a well formulated Public liability Insurance cover is that much more important to all & sundry who are in any type of business, big or small. It will protect you, as well as the public with whom you interact in any unexpected & unforeseen eventuality & compensate both financially.

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