Its Summer in Victoria and it seems half of Melbourne are only now thinking of how they’re going to keep cool when days sore into their 40s. Boxing day specials seem tempting when Harvey Norman, The Good guys and the like are offering AC specials that seem too good to be true….You start thinking “I’ll buy my own unit and just have someone install it…that will save me money…Its gotta be cheaper if I supply my own unit” well… stop there!

Here are the most common problems we are seeing when asked to install customer supplied Air conditioners.

  • 90% are undersized!!!
  • An undersized unit will only increase running costs as the unit will need to work harder in attempt to cool the space.
  • More strain on the unit means more wear and tear on parts and things are more likely to break.
  • Buying cheaper brands means repair and parts are harder to find, and in some cases do not exist.
  • You VOID any manufactures warranty if the unit is not suitable for its purpose (meaning if you install an undersized unit even though it may come with 5-year manufacturer’s warranty its null and void because it is not intended to cool such a large area).
  • You VOID any installers warranty.
  • The lifespan of the unit decreases if its undersized.
  • And lastly, it just won’t DO THE JOB! You’ll still be Hot and bothered on those hot and sticky days!

So, to avoid the disappointment that we often see with customer supplied units, please make sure you get a qualified refrigeration mechanic to measure and quote for your new cooling solution for your home, office or studio. There are many options out there and not all are split system units.  We have design experience, along with years of training, and are also licenced to purchase any gas needed when performing maintenance and installing all types of heating and cooling systems.

Don’t be left disappointed…Call your local Jim on 131546 We supply and install all types and brands of AC units