Jim’s Top AC Tips (Part 3)

Jim’s AC Tip #11

Let it breath – don’t block your condenser unit with tall grass or other debris – it needs to be able to expel heat!

Jim’s AC Tip #12

For those hot summer evenings, try some well positioned open windows or just the “fan only” cycle to circulate air through the house – leaving the cooling setting for just during the day

Jim’s AC Tip #13

Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment normally just hum’s along – very very consistently, so if you “hear” a change of pitch or volume – call for a service & inspection BEFORE it breaks

Jim’s AC Tip #14

Always read the fine print – equipment warranties require that the equipment be serviced and maintained – so if you don’t service it – you may void the warranty

Jim’s AC Tip #15

Install a roof fan or vent to allow the heat to escape from your ceiling area and keep your premises cooler