Jim’s Top AC Tips (Part 2)

Jim’s AC TIP #6

For those hot summer evenings, try some well positioned open windows or just the “fan only” cycle to circulate air through the house – leaving the cooling setting for just during the day.

Jim’s AC TIP #7

For all year-round savings, check the seals on your doors and windows to keep your air conditioning in the room with you.

Jim’s AC TIP #8

Install a quality thermostat and timer to control when the system is used and to what temperature – set for the average needs and not the peaks.

Jim’s AC TIP # 9

Keep your aircon/heater/boiler free of creepy crawlies – as they love to make homes in places which can shut down your system.

Jim’s AC TIP # 10

Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment wears over time, so with regular servicing and maintenance – you can often turn a “replacement” into just a “repair”