Jim’s Top AC Tips (Part 1)

Jim’s AC TIP #1

Get the right system for your needs – not too big, not too small, but just right! A well sized system for your room size and usage will save you money

Jim’s AC TIP #2

Check your ducting for leaks or breaks to save heating/cooling your ceiling or underfloor area. If you don’t like tight spaces, then call us for a service inspection.

Jim’s AC TIP #3

Ceiling fans can work well with air-conditioning systems to circulate the air to wider areas, with the air movement also giving a small cooling effect.

Jim’s AC TIP #4

For the optimum result from Evaporative cooling – take note of which way the hot winds are coming from, and then open the windows/doors on the opposite side of the house

Jim’s AC TIP #5

To save energy dollars – adjust the thermostat setting by 1 degree (up in Summer and down in Winter) – it will make $’s worth of difference